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We support a continuum of programs designed to help children succeed against a range of poverty-related challenge.


Our programs are holistic, designed to support the emotional, physical, and other needs of young people. They also address educators and families as part of a multi-faceted approach to helping children gain the education, skills and support to overcome poverty-related challenges and prosper.


Founded in 2006, i.HUG (International Help Uganda Grow) Foundation is comprised of committed volunteers with a passion for improving the lives of young people in Africa. We provide TWEP (Tooto Wetu Education Program) with technical expertise and funding, strengthening the delivery and sustainability of our collective mission.

Watch our video highlighting 15+ years of this impact.


i.HUG supports high-impact programs that develop and empower young people for long-term success. Read more about our programs below.



Our Sponsorship Program targets the most vulnerable children, providing a comprehensive package of support. For $485 a year,  [$1.32 /day] you can support school fees, uniforms, books, lunch each day, home-based health, counseling, and participation in education and other enrichment programs for a child in need. Today, over 100 children are benefiting from this program.


Sick bays have been established in four primary schools providing 4,000 vulnerable children access to first aid and basic healthcare. We aim to promote child health, well-being, and health literacy and give children the best opportunity to succeed by staying healthy. With health personnel, our partners provide care to children at home. We also support work with schools to train teachers to administer basic first aid and care, and refer children to local facilities within the community when necessary. When the need strikes, our partners rise to the challenge, bringing health information and education on a range of topics including COVID-19, cholera, and others.


The innovative Learn to Play, Play to Learn Program infuses new teaching methodologies into the classroom and homes of primary school students. We train teachers to incorporate play and active learning in the curriculum and teach parents about the importance of play to child development. For children, it means they get to experience the joy of childhood. To date, the program is active in seven schools reaching 2,100 children bringing the joy of play into their lives.

Ekyoto Care.

/Eh-chio-toe/ means hearth in the local Luganda language, and this program is providing a hearth and home to vulnerable children when school is not in session on weekends and during break times. Reaching over 100 children, our program offers nutritious meals and a safe space for educational programs including tutoring, science, music, and art, which help to prevent children from dropping out between school terms.


STEAM is a specialized program that helps prepare girls to pursue careers in economically lucrative sectors, centering on academic excellence and the hands-on application of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. The program works with girls just beginning secondary school and integrates activities that promote leadership, team building and creative problem solving.


i.HUG’s career programs, which have reached more than 250 students, are designed to support children and young people along their educational journey into employment. These programs help to raise students’ aspirations about career opportunities by empowering them with the necessary skills and knowledge to achieve productive employment. As students progress to secondary school, we help to steer them into vocational programs and universities.


i.HUG’s sponsored students score higher than others on Primary Leaving Exams (PLE), the country-wide test that all students in Uganda must take to go on to secondary school. We help to steer and support them into achieving higher top grades (One or Two), and no fails, showing the impact of our educational approach.

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